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Gas and Oil Burning Equipment Inspections

Gas & Oil Permit Fees

Effective August 8, 2012

FEES under The Gas and Oil Burner Act and Regulation
SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING — Residential$60.00

Charge based on the capacity of the gas burning equipment as follows: (Fees are calculated per piece of equipment)

$60.00 basic fee is applied once only.

0 - 80,000 BTUPer piece of equipment$15.00
80,001 - 400,000 BTUPer piece of equipment$50.00
400,001 - 3,000,000 BTUPer piece of equipment$140.00
3,000,001 - 10,000,000 BTUPer piece of equipment$180.00
Over 10,000,000 BTU$50.00
For each 3,000,000 BTU or portion thereof more than 10,000,000 BTU
CONSTRUCTION HEATERS — The fee is for a first time inspection. When the unit moves location it becomes a "no-charge" permit. The $60 basic fee is waived on Construction heater permits. The fees are charged according to the fee table above.
The basic fee of $60.00 is waived.
PROPANE TANK SETS(Any or all sizes)
$50.00/per tank set
OIL BURNING EQUIPMENT — The permit fee for installing, altering or making an addition to oil burning equipment is based on the firing capacity of the oil burner as follows:
Firing capacity of 3 gallons or less per hour :$60.00
Firing capacity of over 3 gallons per hour:$180.00
PIPING ONLY — GAS OR OIL • The permit fee payable for the installation of only gas or oil piping and fittings in a commercial or industrial building is $140.00. All commercial piping permits require drawings. CommercialResidential

Special Acceptance Approval Fees

GAS — The fee for an application for approval of gas burning or oil burning equipment that is not approved is $180.00. The fee for each special acceptance label issued for an identical item that is inspected at the same time and same location is $60.00.