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Gas and Oil Burning Equipment Inspections

Gas and Oil Burning Equipment Safety

There are two broadly based programs under the safety mandate of The Gas and Oil Burner Act:

1. Equipment permitting and inspection

  • Inspection and Technical Services is the jurisdictional authority responsible for issuing permits to install gas and oil-burning equipment. The permit program ensures that only those who are properly qualified and licenced install fuel-fired equipment, and forms the registry of installations that ensure new and replacement equipment is properly inspected. Provincial inspectors conduct commission inspections on high-input commercial/industrial equipment, and each utility is required to conduct a commission inspection on all equipment installed. Utilities are further required to report inspection results back to Inspection and Technical Services.
  • Occasionally, there is a requirement to use equipment that has not been certified by an agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and recognized in Manitoba. For these cases, the manufacturer or installer may apply to Inspection and Technical Services for a Special Acceptance for a Gas Appliance.

    A provincial Gas Inspector will inspect the equipment to determine its compliance to provincial codes and guidelines. The Gas Inspector may approve the equipment, order modifications to bring the equipment in line with provincial standards or may prohibit the equipment from use.

2. Gas/Oil Fitter Examination and Licencing

  • The Branch administers rules designed to ensure that those who work with gas and oil burning equipment have the proper combination of theoretical education and practical training to perform their duties safely. In consultation with industry, educational facilities and workers, the Branch sets qualification examinations and holds exam sittings throughout the province and licences successful exam candidates.