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Manitoba Online™

Updated Logon and Download Instructions

Note: You will need to turn off any pop-up blockers in use or configure your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from the Manitoba Online™ website ( This is required only during this upgrade process.

  1. From the Manitoba Online™ main page, click on "Manitoba Online™ Logon" located on the image near the centre of your screen. You can also select "Manitoba Online™" on the top black navigation bar of this page.

  2. An application introduction page will appear. Select the "Logon" image on the left hand navigation bar.

  3. A logon panel will appear. Enter your Business Services User ID and password and click on the "Logon" button.

  4. Depending on your security setup you may see additional drop-down boxes asking if you wish to proceed. Answer "Yes", "OK" or "Grant" as applicable.

  5. To confirm you are logged on, look at the upper left hand side of the screen where you will see your user name posted.

  6. To begin the software download, click on "Manitoba Online™" located on the left side of the screen.

  7. "Access Manitoba Online" will drop down under Manitoba Online.

  8. Click on "Access Manitoba Online" to initiate the HOD download process.

  9. At this time, the following message will be displayed: "Please wait. Host On-Demand is detecting the level of Java support on your system."

  10. If Java was properly detected, proceed to step 12.

  11. If no Java support is found, you may either go to this site ( to download the latest version of Java from Sun or follow the prompts provided by the browser (if provided) to download a version of Java.

  12. A security warning window will then pop up asking, "Do you want to install and run IBM Host On-Demand 8.0 Client? " Choose to always trust content from International Business Machines and click on the "Yes" button at the bottom of the window.

  13. Alternatively, a Java Security window may request additional privileges. Choose Grant. Depending on your security setup additional security pop-up boxes may appear. Answer "Yes", "OK" or "Grant" as applicable to continue.

  14. Another window will pop up saying, "The cached client will now be installed. Do not browse to a different HTML page until install completes." Click the "OK" button.

  15. The HOD client software download has been initiated. Please wait for the entire download process to finish. Dial-up connections may take up to 15 minutes to complete depending on modem speed.

  16. When the download is complete a window will pop up saying, "Cached client installation complete. Restart your browser before using the cached client."

  17. Close the browser if instructed to do so and start it up again.

  18. Logon as instructed above.

  19. Click on "Access Manitoba Online."

  20. One or more security warning windows may pop up again. Click "Yes" or "Grant" as applicable to continue.

  21. The IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand header will appear along with a computer icon showing 3270 and Manitoba online beside it. Again, depending on your security setup additional security pop-up boxes may appear. Answer "Yes", "OK" or "Grant" as applicable to continue.

  22. A new browser window will open saying, "Welcome to Manitoba Online TN3270 Gateway." Enter your Business Services user ID and password.

  23. Once logged into the Gateway successfully, another screen will prompt you to enter your RACF user ID and password. Successful logon to Manitoba Online™ should now have been established.



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