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Companies Office Name Reservation
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Companies Office Name Reservation

The Companies Office registers information about corporations and business names. You can search the Registry to obtain information on, for example, who is doing business under a trade name, where the business is located, who are its partners or directors.

When you want to incorporate or register a trade name, the proposed name is compared to existing ones already on record. If there does not appear to be a conflict, Companies Office will incorporate the company or register the new business name.

You can now file your Name Reservation online by selecting the Online Name Reservation link.

Companies Office System:

The Companies Office System will help you:

  • Determine whether a name is already in use, or reserved for use.
  • Determine whether a corporation is in default of filing any of its Annual Returns, or whether it has been sent a notice of possible dissolution for such default;
  • Access listings of the directors and/or proprietors of a company.
  • Determine the Registered Office and the Attorney-for-Service.
  • Determine the status of a company - e.g. whether it is active or dissolved.
  • Identify the age of a company.
  • Determine previous names under which the company was registered.

The Companies Office System contains information provided by companies under The Corporations Act, and the The Business Names Registration Act.

Manitoba Online™ provides subscribers with immediate access to provincial government databases. The services offer an alternative to in-person visits to government offices and is particularly valuable to those who access government databases daily to perform legal transactions. Users are required to update registration information to become an authorized user of both Manitoba Online™ and Business Services --request an information package. (PDF document - 133kb)

Contact Us:

Companies Office
1010 - 405 Broadway
Winnipeg MB  R3C 3L6

Phone: (204) 945-2500
Toll-free: 1-888-246-8353 (in Manitoba)

Fax: (204) 945-1459




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