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For Parents:

Licensed Child Care Search

Search for a licensed child care facility for your child according to your particular needs and location. Find contact information for a facility, check services they offer and whether or not they have any vacancies posted. View a copy of their current licence and review the licence terms and conditions prior to contact with the facility.

Online Child Care Registry

The Online Child Care Registry makes it easier for parents to find and apply for quality licensed child care. It lists the names and contact information of child care providers for one-stop review and registration.

Use the Online Child Care Registry application(s) to place your child's name on the waiting list for licensed child care providers who meet your needs. You can also use the registry to update your information (contact information, child care needs, etc.) for all child care providers at once.

Subsidy Eligibility Estimator

The Subsidy Eligibility Estimator or SEE will help you to estimate the family contribution and the amount of child care subsidy your family may be eligible for over a 4-week period. It's advisable to work through the Subsidy Estimator first before proceeding to the Subsidy Application.

Online Subsidy Application

Register as a new user

You must register before using the Child Care Online Subsidy Application. The process is simple and a user ID and password will be issued to ensure secure protection of information. Registration allows you to save and view your application for up to 30 days. As an additional security precaution, users should make sure that they exit the Child Care Subsidy Application site completely when finished.

Online Subsidy Application

After registering, proceed to the Online Subsidy Application to complete and submit an application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the Online Subsidy Application? Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

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